Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Worthy Cause

Over at Gone Mild, Dan is trying to save The Mango Room from extinction. The Mango Room is a local restaurant that has been threatened by the construction and delays surrounding the Power and Light District. It's hard to get people to come in to your place when there is heavy equipment and a port-a-potty parked outside apparently.

Dan then lays out this challenge:

I challenge each of you - starting now and continuing through the month of August, to seek out Kansas City restaurants whenever you eat out. Find a Winstead's instead of a Burger King. Blow a bucket of money at Plaza III instead of at Morton's. Come back and comment on your experiences and recommendations (and disappointments, too). If commenters participate, I'll bump this to the top of the page for the duration. If you are a fellow blogger, post something on your site about your favorite local places, and encourage your readers to share their thoughts on your blog. Let's see if we can save the Mango Room and the other gems that make Kansas City different from Indianapolis or Milwaukee or Akron.
Well, I know it seems awfully brave, but I accept the challenge to eat at some of the city's best restaurants. I'll do it for the people.

Here are some of the great restaurants I already love:

Hien Vuong at the River Market -- Showered with praise in this post.

Big Momma's in Raytown -- They serve sandwiches on giant dinner rolls. If I need to explain why that is good, you may not want to take my recommendations. They also have possibly the best cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted.

Le Fou Frog -- Everything is fantastic. I always end up trying something I never thought I might even consider. Plus, they have the best custom Roasterie blend in town.

The Mango Room -- Macaroni and Cheese. Go for that if for nothing else.

Cupini's in Westport -- They just expanded their menu, and they have some great Italian salads. I go to the one on 43rd street near State Line, but I understand there are also locations downtown, in Liberty, and in Lee's Summit.

Korma Sutra in Westport -- Chicken Moqolai is creamy, spicy, and delicious. Good options for vegetarians. (If you are a vegetarian also try Udipi at 81st and Metcalf.)

Pierpont's in Union Station -- This one isn't exactly a small family run shop, but it's still local. There is not a prettier restaurant in town. And they make the finest Old Fashioned on earth.

Shirley's in Grandview -- Classic American breakfast. They make their own jelly.

Lucia's Taqueria in Independence -- The taco's are double-shelled and covered in what appears to be Parmesan cheese. Whatever it is, it's hard to beat.

Bo Ling's in the Board of Trade building-- Go on weekends for the Dim Sum. It's good and fun.

Harry's Country Club at the River Market -- Actually it is pretty inexpensive, but the bar tab usually ups things. I challenge anyone to find a better grilled cheese.

The Classic Cup at the Plaza -- I've only been for Sunday brunch. They do everything from a carbonara to dutch pancakes filled with fruit. It is all very good.

Blue Koi on 39th -- Try the spicy chili pepper wontons.

Any of Kansas City's fine barbecue establishments -- If the restaurant looks a little scuzzy, you are in the right place. It's hard to get bad barbecue here.


thepaintman said...

I like "Big T's" bar-b-que. A whole lot better than Gates.

Dan said...

Chinese potroast at Blue Koi. Yummmmmmm.


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