Places to Eat in KC

Here are a list of places I love to eat in KC, and something I would recommend at each place. I am not including barbecue joints, because there are about 735 websites already dedicated to KC barbecue. For the record, I love Oklahoma Joe's, LC's, Smokin' Guns, and Gates.

This is a list in progress:

Hien Vuong
River Market
#32 - Chinese Sausage and Vietnamese Pork Fried Rice
Winter Special - Dumpling Soup

Le Fou Frog
5th Street
Happy Hour Specials
Whatever the Current Duck Dish Is

Rudy's Tenampa Taquieria
43rd Street
Chile ala Mexica
Tacos al Pastor

Wornall and 85th
Pork Tenderloin
Beef on Weck

Main just south of Armour
Fish Tacos

Wornall and Gregory
Chips and Curry
Pot Pie

Italian Club

Bo Ling's
Dim Sum Day
Mu Shu Pork

Michael Smith / Extra Virgin
19th and Main
Eight Hour Pork Roast (MS)
Scallops (EV)

Bella Napoli
Diavola Pizza
Siciliano Sandwich


Dan said...

Damn, the Casa de Ryan didn't make the list. The beef with pickles ruined our chances.

Jim said...

You know good and well that Casa de Ryan is my favorite place to eat in KC. But I was viewing this as a public service, and I don't think your restaurant license is valid.

Big Shamu said...

Good list, especially Hien Vuong.

Dan said...

Big Shamu - Nice blog! I've added you to my Google Reader.


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