Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why Not to Elect People Who Don't Believe in Government, Part 9,473

Does the world have serious health challenges? Not if those challenges don't align with Bush policy.

Carmona told lawmakers that, as he fought to release the document, he was "called in and again admonished . . . via a senior official who said, 'You don't get it.' " He said a senior official told him that "this will be a political document, or it will not be released."
Who might such a senior official have been? Why it was a Latin American history expert and godson of G.H.W. Bush who happens to be in charge of the Office of Global Health Affairs in the Department of Health and Human Services.

Not to worry though. Assuming the Senate cooperates, the chosen one will be out of the health game and into the international relations game. He's been nominated to be the ambassador to Mozambique. They probably don't have any health issues, right?

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