Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great Lyrics

I went to see Cracker at the Crossroads last Friday. That afforded my friend Dan the opportunity to share one of his favorite lyrics. It is from the Cracker song "Get Off This":

"... no one knew your name and you were pompous."

It is a great lyric and it got me to thinking about other great lyrics. There are a bunch out there. Here are two of my favorites from albums this year.

The White Stripes - Icky Thump - "Little Cream Soda"

"Now my mind is filled with rubber tires and forest fires and whether I'm a liar and lots of other situations where I don't know what to do, at which time God screams to me "There's nothing left for me to tell you.""

The National - Boxer - "Start A War"

"You were always weird, but I never had to hold you by the edges like I do now."

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Travis said...

just foud a website devoted to the *Boxer* album: HERE


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