Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday Talk Shows

Why is the debate on the Sunday talk shows between reporters whose job it is to at least attempt impartiality and right-wing pundits whose job it is to pundit right-wingedly.

Meet the Press Roundtable:

David Brooks -- Conservative Columnist for the New York Times
Bob Woodward -- Reporter
Stephen Hayes -- Senior Writer at conservative publication The Weekly Standard

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

Brit Hume -- Conservative TV Pundit (technically I suppose he is an "anchor" and should thus be considered a neutral guest, but come on)
Mara Liasson -- NPR reporter
Bill Kristol -- Conservative columnist and pundit
Juan Williams -- NPR reporter

I didn't see the other two shows, but I'll bet George Will was on ABC.

The question is why the debate must be between people who are trying to convey facts and people who want to push the right-wing agenda. Doesn't that just enforce the right-wing concept of a biased media and degrade journalism all at once?

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