Thursday, July 5, 2007


Considering my firm belief that KC has a sports curse, I should have known better than to entrust my 4th of July expereince to our beleagured teams.

A summary of the day:

Wizards lose 1-0 to D.C. United. They have taken over 40 shots in their last two games and come out of it with one goal. Eddie Johnson can't get back soon enough.

Royals lose 4-0 to Seattle. A night after scoring 17 runs, the Royals never threaten until the 9th. Alex Gordon ends the threat with a double-play ball.

Royals fireworks extravaganza fizzles. Apparently, no one covered anything during the rain earlier in the evening. It was a a perfect encapsulation of the day and the recent history of Kansas City sports.

(Kudos to the Royals for making ticket stubs to the game rain checks for any future game. They can't fix the 4th for the kids, but at least they didn't just shrug their shoulders.)

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