Friday, July 6, 2007

Run For Your Lives, It's National Healthcare!

One thing that has always struck me about the right's talking heads is there ability to take some ancillary, mostly insignificant piece of information and turn that into a justification for any position they have ever taken.

The latest is the equation of socialized medicine and terrorism. I heard this point on a local talk radio show earlier this week and foolishly assumed that it was just the local yokel going to lengths that would embarrass even the most craven national pundit. I should have known that it was just the party line.

Fox News is, of course, leading the way:

...Indeed, Bowyer added, "[I]f one of your guys is a jihadist, if one of your doctors is spending all the time online reading Osama bin Laden fatwas, someone's going to notice that. But the National Health Service is more like the post office, you know there's a lot of anonymity, it's easy to hide in the bureaucracy."

To which FNC personality Cavuto responded, "The fact that we may be looking to go this way in the United States, you're saying one of the potential consequences -- without judging national health care one way or the other -- is that this could happen. We have to be at least aware of the distinct possibility that in such a system, we would have to recruit outside doctors, and where we're getting the most of them these days seems to be from the Muslim world."

The headline at the bottom of the screen throughout the whole exchange is "National Healthcare: Breeding Ground For Terror?" A good summary of the whole thing is at the Washington Monthly blog.

Are there examples of this patent silliness on the left?

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