Friday, July 6, 2007

Give Him Points for Creativity

Jon Tester is trying out a new rationale for ending the Iraq war:

Ticking off the three main reasons he believes we went to Iraq -- to search for weapons of mass destruction, to get rid of Saddam Hussein and to give the Iraqis a chances at free and fair elections -- the freshman from Big Sky country sees blue skies and rates the operation a success.

"Our work in Iraq is done... It's time for American troops to stop refereeing a centuries-old civil war and come home after a job well done," he said. It's not hard to see how that rosy view of things can be seductive to Democrats looking for a way to end the war while at the same time not appearing chicken or defeatist.

I'm not sure how the other Democrats could swing around to this argument without looking plainly ridiculous. Of course, plain ridiculousness hasn't really been stopping anything else in Washington recently. Maybe it would work after all.

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