Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Apparently Not a Joke

It would be funnier if it wasn't true. This is the headline at the top of the Washington Post homepage right now:

Bush Plans To Stress Next Phase In Iraq War

Makes sense, I thought. A report is supposedly due out soon saying the Iraqis aren't meeting any of their goals, the Democrats seem to be finally mounting some courage, and Republicans seem to even be coming to their senses. So what changes exactly have all of these considerations prompted in our president's plans?

The first paragraph of the story:

President Bush, facing a growing Republican revolt against his Iraq policy, has rejected calls to change course but will launch a campaign emphasizing his intent to draw down U.S. forces next year and move toward a more limited mission if security conditions improve, senior officials said yesterday.
We won't actually do anything different than we have been doing, but we will remind everyone that if all of the things that have continued not to happen do in fact happen, then we will do what he said we would do all along.


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