Friday, June 12, 2009

Iranian Election

Just a reminder to everyone that if Ahmadinejad wins the election in Iran, it is no more a confirmation that the country is filled with anti-Semitic, fundamentalist jihadists than the 2004 reelection of George Bush meant this country was lock-step in support of Bush policies.

The inverse is true, of course, as well. If Ahmedinejad loses, Iran does not magically become our Middle Eastern version of Great Britain.

The point is really a pretty silly one to make, but I think it is worth reminding ourselves that countries are filled with lots of people. The beliefs and politics of those people have as many shades of grey as in the good ol' U.S.ofA.

Soapbox exited.

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Queen City Family Man said...

I was told this evening that the positive results in Lebanon and the closeness of the election in Iran had everything to do with the great success of the democracy we set up in Iraq. Score another win for W!

What's amazing is the person said it with a straight face.


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