Monday, June 29, 2009


An interesting article in the New York Times about an overabundance of arenas across the nation. Not good news for the Sprint Center. The article includes this interesting bit:

No one questions the Garden’s stature as the most venerable and busiest of arenas. It routinely books 275 hockey and basketball games (the Garden is home to the Rangers, Knicks and Liberty), circuses and concerts a year; most operators say arenas need to fill 200 dates to generate an operating surplus.
Does anyone know how many dates Sprint Center has booked in the last year? Is it even 100? 75? Less?

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Royal said...

Think about some of the football wonder they have to charge what they do and demand such high PSL's. I know my father-in-law gave up his Ram's tickets 2 years ago because they wanted over 10K for the PSL for each seat.


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