Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't Skip This

Haven't posted a list in awhile, so I thought it might be time to put together one I've thought about several times. This list is songs I almost never skip when they come up at random. This doesn't necessarily make them my favorite songs, but it does pretty much ensure that I like them a lot. And if I was making a list of favorite songs, this list would at least be a good starting point.

If I really was putting together a favorite songs list, however, it would likely include some tunes that are either very mellow or very energetic. These types of songs are great, but they might not fit the mood. This list, on the other hand, features songs that seem to strike me as something I want to hear no matter how I'm feeling at the moment. I am limiting it to songs at least a year old so the newness factor doesn't influence the decision.

This list isn't exhaustive probably but is comprised of a few I thought of immediately. It isn't in any particular order. I reserve the right to add or remove at my discretion.

My Mathematical Mind -- Spoon
Karma Police -- Radiohead
Where is My Mind? -- The Pixies
You Ain't Going Nowhere -- The Byrds
Out of Gas -- Modest Mouse
The General Specific -- Band of Horses
Sister Do You Know My Name? -- The White Stripes
Dead Flowers -- The Rolling Stones
Anything You Want -- Spoon
We've Been Had -- The Walkmen
In the Garage -- Weezer
The Runner -- Kings of Leon
Needles in My Eyes -- The Beta Band
Hateful -- The Clash
Maps -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Black, Red, Yellow -- Pearl Jam
Bones -- Radiohead
Wildflowers -- Tom Petty
Donde Esta La Playa -- The Walkmen*

*This one broke my one year rule. But it's close, I'm not sure that I've ever skipped it and it's my list.

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