Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strange goats are delicious

The growing trends of local and exotic cuisine are feeding the new industry of rare breed preservation. There are obvious reasons to protect biodiversity, chiefly the fact that decades of inbreeding and over medication have made our industrial food supply shockingly vulnerable. Perhaps a less obvious reason is shown by the Tennessee fainting goat:

They have a habit of seizing up and falling over when frightened or excited (just like me). While a terrible threat response, I find this reaction hilarious! They're like Soupy Sales on all fours with fur and a Van Dyke. That's disgusting. Still I say 'Cheers to you Science' for guaranteeing this daffy breed will never leave us.


Jim said...

Dan found a store where you can buy a whole frozen goat. You want in?

Nate said...

Is it funny?

Jim said...

I don't know. Is frozen funny?


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