Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Growlers Are Back!

So says the New York Times:

“In the beginning we tried to figure out, ‘Who’s going to be our market?’ ” said Ben Granger, 32, an owner of Bierkraft, which began filling growlers in spring 2006. “We thought, mullet-heads and beer-bellied dudes. But the first run was ladies with strollers. They will tell you they’re buying them for their husbands. Three weeks later, they’ve got two. One’s his and one’s hers. The next one that caught me by surprise was dads coming in with their kids. Then there’s the beer crowd who’ll rush in to get on this or that before it’s gone. There’s no age limit.”
There are several interesting pieces of this quote, but perhaps the question that first came to mind for me was, "Has this guy ever met a mullet-head?"

I have, and I can unequivocally tell you that unless he's serving Keystone Ice in those growlers, his business plan was way off.

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