Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Didn't Know I Couldn't Do That

I really think ESPN blew it. They cut former NBA player Paul Shirley from his bloggin duties after Shirley posted what might be one of the best bits of career immolation in the last few years. In his post about Haiti, and why he wasn't giving, Shirley said:

As we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request: If it’s possible, could you not re-build your island home in the image of its predecessor? Could you not resort to the creation of flimsy shanty- and shack-towns? And could some of you maybe use a condom once in a while?
Anyway, back to my thoughts on ESPN. They clearly screwed up. Everyone knows you don't cut a player you could get some value for in a trade. And imagine what the 700 Club might have been ready to give up to get their hands on Shirley. Pay attention ESPN.

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