Tuesday, January 19, 2010

kings of the sad bastard

yes, today has been a good day for music. in addition to the albums mention by AA, another one of my favorite bands released their 9th full length studio album today: Eels.

okay...so is it eels? the eels? Eels? EELS? no one really seems to know for certain, and i have see all sorts of incarnations of the moniker which is represented (for the most part) by one man. mark oliver everett (also known as E) is one weird dude and his latest album is no exception. "End Times" gets back to what E does best: sad bastard lyrics that sound both pretty and fun, though not necessarily at the same time. E is one of the rare exceptions in music that can break your heart right before you dance your ass off. or vice-versa.

recorded primarily on an old 8-track machine in his basement, E has given perpetual hope to a generation of at-home musicians who dream of one day holing up in their basements for 6 months and delivering a studio quality album to the masses. with this aspect in mind, "end times" is spot on. this is arguably the best sounding album from an old 8-track that i have ever heard. nice work, man!

if you have never indulged in the world of Eels, do yourself a favor and jump right in: the water is fine. and to be honest, "end times" is as good a place to start as any. yes, today was a good day for music indeed...

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