Thursday, January 28, 2010

Denny Matthews Could Debate Pat Buchanan

Baseball references abound in politics. You can play hardball. You can step up to the plate to get things done. You can hit one out of the park. Judges are just there "to call balls and strikes."

But last night watching the State of the Union address, I realized I could describe it with another metaphor (albeit a more specific and less pithy one). I believe instead of saying, "The President delivered the State of the Union Address," you could say, "The President went to Kansas City Royals spring training."

Here's why:

- Both require the participants to say things they can't possibly believe, but they know people want to hear.

- Both require fans to acknowledge that progress is possible, and critics to denounce all as illusion.

- And both give me a fleeting sense of hope. Hope that will be dashed within weeks or even days.

I'll end up more disillusioned than the year before, until the next season rolls around and the whole process starts over again.

Play ball.

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