Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Music

As I begin my 10 year prep for the next Best Music of the Decade list, 2010 has already produced two albums that will at least be in consideration.

Vampire Weekend's first album was on the previous best of the decade list, but it seemed idiosyncratic enough that they might not be able to produce another as good, or at least as interesting. But the new album, Contra, is better and I think more interesting. The songs are just as catchy, but there is a little more going on beneath the surface.

In the 2000's, Spoon was an incredible band. They put out four albums that I considered for my decade retrospective list, and one made the top 5. Their first album of this decade, Transference, just came out today (I think, but I've been listening to it this morning and they are off to a pretty good start to replicate their previous success. The album seems a little darker, but it still has the signature Spoon bounce and swagger.

Perhaps it's going to be a good decade.

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