Thursday, May 28, 2009

You're welcome France.

Only 25 years after a short stint of popularity as a sitcom punchline, I continue to hear remarks aimed at casting a clear line between fellows who like quiche and ‘the real man.’ Breaking down the ingredients, I find it difficult to fathom that ‘the real man’ would turn down a shot at eggs, dough, milk/cream, or any variety of baked meats. The only logical conclusion is that this food suffers a problem of branding. So from this day forward, quiche shall be called 'Western Cowboy Pie' and I will feel shame no more. For my next rebranding target: croquet.


Jim said...

Western Cowboy Pie it is. And for the record, I love it.

As for croquet, how about Lumberjack Golf or Backyard Mallet Derby?

Nate said...

My initial thought was North Dakota Fat Golf, but those are good suggestions too.

bigsmithdude said...

north dakota fat golf is my favorite yard game--right behind new england fancy toss(bocce), that is


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