Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Under the Wire

When A. Adams chose to step away for a bit to pursue a lifelong dream of visiting the Sub-Sahara, he asked a few friends to guest post. I was one of those friends. So, at the last possible hour, as Jim speeds over the oceans, is the promised post (originally dated 04/14/09):

The following is a list of reasons not to visit Sub-Saharan Africa:

oppressive heat
spores, molds and fungus
large, disease-harboring/poisonous insects
many types of snakes
accurate maps do not exist
a condition known as drippy dick
terrible indigenous wines
typhoid, malarial, scarlet, puerperal, viral, Dengue, and yellow fever
paramilitary guerillas
actual gorillas
whiskey is not distilled there
native dishes will likely upset your milquetoast palate
cownut is considered a delicacy in the congo

Travel at your own peril, James. You have been warned!


Evil St. Louisan said...

Best post of the month!

bigsmithdude said...

way better than those other two jokers he recruited!!!!


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