Friday, May 1, 2009

Who's better? you bet!

for most of my teenage and adult life, i really did not care for The Who. theirs were the songs that were constantly being played on the radio--the absolute staples of the classic rock format--and it used to drive me insane. and i don't know why because they were (are) really great songs ("won't get fooled again", "baba o'reily", and "who are you" spring instantly to mind).

i think i had just become the type of listener that instantly rejected mainstream radio on principle, and therefore anything that was played over the airwaves was drivel. quite snobbish when i actually say it out loud i suppose.

but i make no apologies. such was life, and i did not like The Who. however, recently i decided to get some Who concerts from netflix. not even sure why, but i just did. it was an epiphany! seeing them rock was an entirely different experience. since that day, i have immersed myself into one of the most fruitful and complex catalogues in all of music. even those FM staples are finally finding a place on my playlists. it has also led me to the following conclusions:

1. keith moon was the greatest rock drummer ever. period.
2. pete townshend is a pompous a-hole--yet he is one of the most gifted songwriters, producers and over-all musicians i have ever come across.
3. roger daltrey's scream at the end of "won't get fooled" is probably the greatest scream on record--can anyone think of a better one?
4. john entwistle was a bad ass

probably the most enlightening thing i have learned, however, is this: i love the Who. i am not going to say they are the greatest band ever, for i have been a firm believer in the beatles position in this category since i was 10 years old. i will however say this: if anyone could dethrone the fab four, it just might be the Who.

so, if you have been like me in the past, and have failed to give these guys their due credit, then today is the day of Who-reckoning. if anyone wants a tip on where to start, just ask.

perhaps they are greatest 3-piece band? i suppose that raises the whole "zeppelin vs. the who" dilemma, and would require even further scrutiny. why do i feel it necessary to quantify these things?!?!? not sure, but i just do.


Anonymous said...

Best three-piece? Triumph. Hello.

bigsmithdude said...

i meant best 3-piece in the world. since triumph is out of this world, they are disqualified based on proximity. however, from a universal perspective, they are top of the heap...


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