Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a day without rain

it's spring time folks, which means it is going to rain. every year, people act as if they have never before encountered this falling moisture pouring out of the sky. every year, people convince themselves that this year is the worst year on record for excessive rainfall. and every year, people begin to mentally prepare themselves for another great flood of biblical proportion.

yes, folks, it is going to rain. can you imagine a world without rain? as a farmer, i can attest first hand to the virtues of rain--in nearly every scenario more is better than none. why people continue to plan outdoor activities (graduations, weddings, etc) during this time of year, and are even shocked when these plans are usually foiled, is beyond me. it appears as if there are, in fact, three certainties in life: death, taxes and rain.

yes, folks, it IS going to rain! but every once in a while, the rain stops. and when it does, life is sweet.

on a day without rain (and even more to the point, a day when it was supposed to rain), there is arguably nothing better than a trip to the ball park. for those of you who know me, i am far from being an avid baseball fan. the last time in my life that i actually followed the sport and had a favorite player or team, i was 10 years old and it was the cubs and mark grace. wait....does he still play? probably not, i would suppose.

but what i lack in knowledge of the sport, i more than make up for with enthusiasm for the arena in which it is played. today, i was fortunate enough to attend a springfield cardinals afternoon game. the weather conditions could not have been more perfect, the cards won, and i should have been working the whole time, but was instead outside at a baseball game. why are games (or anything really) even more enjoyable when you should be doing something more constructive with your time? not sure, but they just are.

folks, the days without rain are almost upon us. but we all know what comes next: the days where we need rain. i do not cherish these days, for these are the days when people curse at the heavens, "God, where is the f-ing rain?!?!?!". the days without rain, by the associative property, are also known as the days with heat (i apologize fully if i have incorrectly used the associative property at this point). no one yearns for the days with heat. well, i suppose maybe some of you do. but shouldn't you be living in phoenix anyway?

the point of all this rambling is this: go to a baseball game! it is good for what ails you, and the good days are always numbered. the old timers tell us to make hay when the sun shines, but it is perhaps equally important to make it to a game when the sun shines. or at least on a day without rain.

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