Thursday, May 28, 2009

Star Wars the way it was meant to be watched

As the father of a 5 year old boy I find myself getting to relive and experience things from my childhood. Over the past 3 weeks my son and I have watched all 6 Star Wars movies. I made the decision to start with Episode IV and have him experience them the way I did. Two questions (second one is a two-parter):

1) What order have or will your children watch these movies?

2) The galaxy is pretty big. Why then did Obi Wan feel the absolute safest place to hide Luke was on Darth Vader's home planet with people that Darth Vader had met and knew where they lived? Finally, if you are trying to hide this kid from his dad, wouldn't you think they would have changed his freakin' last name???


Jim said...

1. You made the right choice. Don't poison the kids with the first three before they get to see the classics. We saw them in that order and we turned out fine.

2. Apparently, hiding is the one thing that is easy to do in the Star Wars universe. Obi Wan managed to hide out in the same place and remain undiscovered by changing his name to Ben.

If I change my name to Jerry and move back home, you would never be able to track me down right?

bigsmithdude said...

1. correct decision, although mine will be watching star trek instead

2. you are right--major loop hole. this series should be banned for its silliness. would never find anything this preposterous on the enterprise

it was nice hanging out with you and jerry this weekend!


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