Sunday, May 17, 2009

an issue of inconvenience?

i am continually amazed at the lack of enthusiasm that certain supermarket cashiers show towards customers using reusable shopping bags--has anyone else experienced this? you bring in your own bags, ask nicely for them to be used instead of the provided paper or plastic, and you are met with the know the one. it's as if you have just asked them to sacrifice their firstborn son to the shopping Gods.

"how dare you ask me that?"
"what does it look like...i work here?"
"go hug a tree!"

of course, i am embellishing here a bit, but you get the point: some folks do NOT like reusable shopping bags. but sometimes i think it goes even bigger than the mere issue of inconvenience. it seems to go deeper than that. are some people just so opposed to recycling (or in this case not consuming) in general, that they are seemingly taking a stance against it? not only taking a stance, but establishing such a front that they are offended by the suggestion? hmmm, i wonder. i certainly hope not, but my last trip to the market would suggest otherwise.

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