Tuesday, June 5, 2007


It has been a miserable sports scene in Kansas City for, well I suppose for more than 10 years. I've documented our city's lameness when it comes to competition in the big sports.

But we do have a winner in town. I know to those who don't give a damn about soccer it doesn't matter, but the Wizards are in first place in their conference right now. They went to the title game in 2004, and they won it all in 2000. That is better than the other two teams whose last combined playoff victory was in 1993.

And the games are exciting. In fact, a 2004 playoff game with San Jose may be the most exciting sporting event I've ever been at in person.

Unfortunately, goal scorer extraordinaire Eddie Johnson is off to play for the naitonal team for at least a month. The Wizards will have to make up for his scoring, and could use the kind of support the got last weekend (a little over 13,000 in attendance). Or even better.

I say this despite my extreme disappointment in the club for upping ticket prices more than 50% for the David Beckham game. Sure they will probably still draw the largest crowd of the season that night, and they need the revenue. But how about slashing ticket prices and trying to double the record attendance. With some proper marketing it's possible (unless the Wizards are convinced that they are already near the saturation point of anyone who would ever come to a soccer game). It seems to me like those are the kinds of stunts the league has to pull to ever have a shot at widening their audience.

Anyway for those who want to go see a game regardless of whether Beck's is playing or not, there are 9 home games before that one. Get out and see one of them. Or go watch the Royals and try not to throw up a little in your mouth.

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Dan said...

Let us know when you're next going to a game. I know I'd like to go, and I suspect I could talk my lovely spouse into coming.


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