Friday, June 15, 2007

Very Disappointing

As I mentioned before, I was mostly excited about this NBA finals because I wanted the NBA to make a good impression on the people I know that bag on it all the time. I thought Lebron might get them to tune in and show them something spectacular.

I can now only hope that no one saw even a minute of this series and based any kind of NBA opinion on it. This series was "press covering O'Donnell vs. Trump" ugly.

I've seen several people suggest that this once for all makes the case that the playoffs shouldn't be East vs. West because that can so often result in the best series coming before the finals. I don't know. Baseball and football deal with this same situation, and it never seems to be a problem. That could very well be because it is harder to recognize the utter domination of one team over another in baseball, and it's all over in one game in football.

Anyway, the idea of changing the playoff setup somewhat messes with my sense of history. On the other hand, I would like to see a more exciting playoffs for once. Bill Simmons has a restructuring idea that I could get behind. I particularly like the bottom of the standings play-in.

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