Friday, June 15, 2007


I try not to watch a lot of TV. Fortunately, television producers seem intent on making that task much easier. Scrolling through a nightly lineup of what's on is an affirmation that life is short and you need to get out and enjoy it.

Somewhat relatedly:

Are there scarier people on the planet than those little girl beauty contestants?

What if their parents are ineligible?

How does Mr. Peanut keep his monacle on while he plays all those sports?

How is it possible that I don't know anyone who has appeared on a reality show?

Why do I have such a sense of pride about that?

When did undershirts go out of style?

Do weathermen spend all day working on new tricks for the weather computer?

Why don't they ever do the same trick twice?

Why is it that the county courthouse and the airport look exactly the same live at 5 am?

If crab fisherman is the most dangerous job, what number is camerman filming crab fishermen?

Did you know that American Gladiators episodes are on ESPN classic?

How did Charlie Rose keep a straight face talking to Tom Delay?

Why can I see only like 1/8 of Royals games on TV?

Why do I care?

Why is manipulation of a spouse through bribery of a child such an attractive advertising plot line?

Did ABC draw the names for who would announce the NBA finals out of a hat?

Do you kind of miss Bob Costas and Marv Albert a little bit?

Is there a special news wire for local broadcasts that focuses on house fires around the country?

Is it possible that television not only adds pounds but also makes people looking for love seem more desperate?

Isn't talking to you grandchild about your impending cholesterol test kind of opening a can of worms?

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