Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Thou Shalt Leave Me Out of it

If God was still on Old Testament style speaking terms with us, I imagine he might say something like this.

It appears that the Democrats are now getting in on the act too. A Democratic forum featured the candidates waxing poetic about their faith. Supposedly, this is partly to woo the evangelical left.

An evangelical left is almost as scary as the evangelical right. I'll probably agree with more of the issues they care about, but I don't want them to take my issues. I would prefer we try and solve problems. They will no doubt prefer to set up articles of faith and judge politicians on their uncompromising verbal adherence to those articles.

Why is "It's my personal faith and I don't need to discuss it with the country," not an acceptable answer? I mean I know why, but I'm asking in the more philosophical sense.

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