Thursday, June 21, 2007

We Love Murder, We Just Don't Want to Pay For It

From Crooks and Liars:

Following up on John’s item from yesterday on Bush’s stem-cell veto, I found Tony Snow’s defense of the White House policy rather alarming.

“The President also has never declared it against the law to engage in embryonic stem cell research — he simply thinks it involves, as do many other people, the taking of a human life.”

See? Bush hasn’t banned murder, he’s just blocked some funding for taxpayer-subsidized murder. Privately-funded murder is still fine, and entirely consistent with the president’s values and commitment to a culture of life. Snow added:

“To the extent that there is embryonic stem cell research, it’s being done not because Bill Clinton made it possible, but because George W. Bush made it possible.”

Yes, moments after describing the research as “taking of a human life,” Snow bragged about Bush’s support for the research.

Is a little coherence too much to ask?

I actually feel a little sorry for Tony Snow. Can you imagine having to stand up there and defend things that you know make no sense whatsoever? I bet he misses the old FOX days when he got to ask the questions.

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