Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Gods Are Angry

I am speaking of the sports Gods, those fickle deities who for the most part inflict pain upon those tread in their domain. This is especially true if you live in KC. It was significant to Kansas Citians that New Orleans did not win on Sunday. If they had, there would officially have been no other multiple-franchise city in the nation with a longer championship game drought than KC. And essentially, that is already the case since New Orleans received its second franchise just 5 years ago, and that franchise (the Hornets) now plays half its games in Oklahoma City. Still, when you are in the shape we are in you take what you can get. For the sake of overkill, here are the other multiple franchise cities and their teams' appearances in championship games since the glory days of 1985.

Atlanta 6 app. (1 title)
Baltimore 1 app. (1 title)
Boston 11 app. (5 titles)
Buffalo 5 app.
Charlotte 3 app. (1 title)
Chicago 10 app. (8 titles)
Cleveland 2 app.
Cincinnati 2 app. (1 title)
Dallas 6 app. (4 titles)
Denver 7 app. (4 titles)
Detroit 10 app. (6 titles)
Houston 4 app. (2 titles)
Indianapolis 2 app.
Los Angeles 12 app. (7 titles)
Miami 4 app. (3 titles)
Milwaukee/Green Bay 2 app. (1 title)
Minneapolis 3 app. (2 titles)
Nashville 1 app.
New York 20 app. (11 titles)
Oakland 4 app. (1 title)
Philadelphia 4 app.
Phoenix 2 app. (1 title)
Pittsburgh 4 app. (3 titles)
San Diego 2 app.
San Francisco 5 app. (3 titles)
Seattle 2 app.
St. Louis 5 app. (2 titles)
Tampa 2 app. (1 title)
Toronto 2 app. (2 titles)
Washington D.C. 3 app. (2 titles)

What makes this even worse is that all but a couple of the cities listed above have made at least one of those appearances since we even had a playoff victory. It's almost unfathomable. I'm usually not a boo-bird, but I think anyone who feels the need at a Royals or Chiefs game (or anywhere in public) has certainly earned the right. Maybe our potential hockey and/or basketball team will fare better. One can only hope.

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Dan said...

Nashville has sports? Are you counting tractor pulls?


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