Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Wrong Turn in Evolution

I am, personally, a believer in evolution. There is solid evidence of evolution, such as fossils. However, there is also evidence against evolution in the form of the rare being that begs the question, "This design helped the animal survive?" One example, the platypus, for which even the spelling of the name is awkward. Another such creature is James Oseland of Top Chef fame. As I watch each week's episode, I'm constantly befuddled by the creature's behavior, appearance, and uncanny ability to form words in English without using the same mouth shapes as the rest of us. I've spent many viewings trying to divine the formula that yielded him unto this world, and the following is the best I've come up with: the color of tangerine {(a single tooth + a half expression of confusion) the human scalp} / a half expression of smelling something bad = James Oseland. If any paleontologists happen to read this blog, I will happily treat you to a beer or wine of your choice in exchange for an explanation of the existence of this foggy and bewildering creature.

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Jim said...

As good fortune would have it, I am a scientist.

I am happy to answer your question by explaining the existence of your evolutionary mutant.

This man is, in the parlance of great scientific minds, an original.

I'll be happy to collect my beer tomorrow evening.


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