Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'll Trade You A Davey Crockett for a Scarecrow

The man who once brought Swamp Fox into my living room is now going to try to save one of my other childhood loves - baseball cards.

Fortunately for collectors, Topps can't afford to be complacent these days. What was a $1 billion industry in the early 1990s has shrunk to about a fifth of that size. Topps' helmsman, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner—whose investment firm bought the company in 2007 for $385 million—seems admirably committed to luring children back to cards. The league apparently believes Eisner has a better shot at accomplishing that goal if his company stands alone.
Not sure what to make of that other than it was weird for me to think about The Wonderful World of Disney again, and that is probably the only occurence in history of the someone trying to use the phrase "luring children" in a positive sense.

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Brian Rules the World said...

Man I used to love baseball cards, but really the industry outpriced itself in the 90s. When packs started costing more than $1 kids couldn't afford them anymore and all that was left were the douchey adult-collectors. As such, an entire generation grew up on Pokemon rather than baseball cards, and the industry's been witnessing a slow decline.

I hope for future kids' sake that Eisner can bring it back, because trading a Orel Hersheiser for a Darryl Strawberry and Gregg Jefferies is much more fun than trading a pikachu for a squirtle...


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