Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Town Hall Madness

Dennis Moore has apparently canceled his town hall meetings because he received threats.


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Dan Cofran Kansas City said...

The heckling and histrionics at this month's town hall meetings across the county aren't about national health care or free speech.

Far from it. They're a planned effort to divert national attention away from health care to keep it out of the evening news, the morning paper, the blogosphere, and our minds. If you can't win an argument, change the subject. Many people's doubts and questions are serious and sincere. But the hecklers have drowned them out.

It's cynical, demagogic, childish, and so far very successful. Most media predictably cover the screaming, the politicians' baited reactions, and the phony “death panel” claims, but give us "zip" about the real issues. Come September, the health care proponents will have spent the month spinning their tires in the mud and the rest of us may not get the health care the overwhelming majority of us agrees we need.

Try this to get back on track. At the next town hall meeting, Mr. or Ms. Politician, ask the first heckler if he or she has health insurance. The answer most likely will be “yes.” Ask if it's provided by the heckler's employer. The answer probably will be “yes.” Then ask what the heckler would do for health insurance if he or she lost his or her job next week. The most likely answer? Sputtering and a long silence.


Dan Cofran


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