Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Coming on the heels of a conversation on the same topic friends and I had this weekend, an article on Slate discusses what states are most likely to secede from the Union. I had heard Texans talking about it, but I was a bit surprised to see how many places had small bands of secessionists lurking about.

The article includes the vision of a futurist who sees the U.S. splitting into 8 pieces. It has the west coast, most of the east coast, the south, part of Florida hanging with the Caribbean, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska and the everybody else sticking together.

I'm not sure how likely that scenario is, but I was relieved to see Missouri not falling in with the southern states. This was a big topic of conversation the other day. On the other hand, I'm not sure what the prospects would be for what would have to be one of the biggest landlocked nations on earth.

I would say for those of us in Missouri, this is not a great scenario for the future. I'm also not too crazy about needing my passport to go floating in Arkansas.

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