Thursday, August 6, 2009

Procurador General de Missouri!

I'm not a big Chris Koster fan, but credit where it is due.

Most of the Missouri Attorney General’s Website, including the consumer protection area, is now available in Spanish.

Attorney General Chris Koster announced the new service today in Kansas City, saying it was important to make sure that Spanish-speaking people have access to state government and to law enforcement. He said about 3 percent of the Missouri population speaks only Spanish.

A 2008 amendment to the state constitution requires government meetings be conducted in English, and Koster said he supports that. But he said he was proud that his department is the first to become bilingual on the Web.

“It’s the new world that we live in,” Koster said. “It’s time Missouri state government understood that and got in the game.
Just how many of our elected state officials do you suppose will take that advice to heart?

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