Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a Compliment!

Did Michelle Obama do well in last night's speech? While there are certainly critics, the answer seem to be yes on the whole. Of course, some people are impressed in different ways than others. At the NRO blog, the righties have cooked up an interesting brew of real praise, feigned praise, non-praise, and, of course, faint praise. In fact, this statement from Lisa Schiffren belongs in the faint praise hall of fame.

To her credit, Michelle Obama did exactly what needed to be done tonight. She is serious enough about winning that she was willing to leave out the substance. Whatever vanity she has about her political/intellectual seriousness is less than her ambition. That is truly impressive.
To her credit, Schiffren's ability to ascribe the worst possible motives to the actions of her adversaries is trumped only by her impressive willingness to post such drivel without a hint of irony.

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