Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Symbol of Futlity

ESPN conducted a poll to name the top player from every NFL franchise. Derrick Thomas won the honors for the Chiefs by a pretty wide margin. I loved Derrick Thomas as a player and this is in no way a complaint about his abilities.

But it is a pretty resounding condemnation of the Chiefs franchise that its greatest player never even played in a Super Bowl, and in fact played in only one AFC title game. Had Chiefs fans decided to name Len Dawson (who came in 3rd) the best player we would have Super Bowl title but would also be a stark reminder of how long it has been since the Chiefs played at that level. Had they named second place vote-getter Tony Gonzalez, the best player in franchise history would have never even won a playoff game.

Hey, at least we aren't the Ravens who have a kicker as their best player. Of course, that kicker has a Super Bowl ring.

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Brian Rules the World said...

Not to mention the Ravens have only been around since 1996, and I'm assuming they're not including former Browns players.

It's really difficult to be a Chiefs fan sometimes. Personally I think until we give King Carl the boot (and take Herm's anemic offense with him), we're headed nowhere fast.


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