Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can't Help Myself

Even though I knew it was going to piss me off, I finished watching Obama's speech and went straight to NRO's The Corner blog to see what the nation's leading conservative voices had to say. Well if I wanted to read something that would make me angry, I succeeded. But I also read a lot that made me scratch my head. Top of that list was this post from the reliably thick-headed Victor Hanson:

It was quite strange to see his enormous televised image shining through a Greek temple, as if he were Zeus speaking through the naos, giving us divine guidance on everything from turning off the television to ensuring we all go to college to promising an end to global warming and disease — with fire and lightning from Olympus in the background.
Really? Did that really look like a Greek temple to anyone else? Is he really taking on Obama for suggesting that parents should take care of their kids instead of the government? How does that not fit with Hanson's worldview? Does he have a problem with people going to college? Was he drinking when he wrote that post?

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Kess said...

I did something similar. I turned on Sean Hannity's radio show just long enough to hear him say the speech was just the usual "Liberal cliches."

I promised my wife I would ignore conservative media the day after Obama's speech. I wish I would've kept that promise.


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