Friday, July 25, 2008


I am impressed with conservatives for finding a way to quickly and efficiently move their all-consuming rage toward Hillary Clinton into an all-consuming irritation at Barack Obama.

I'm not sure that this irritation will be as effective as the rage directed at Clinton, but it many ways it is more impressive. With Clinton, the hatred was irrational, but at least it was true vitriol. With Obama, however, the requisite passion is absent. He hasn't done anything that qualifies him for everlasting crucifixion from the right.

Yet, they press on. They try things out. Obama said we should all learn a foreign language. Not lurid enough. Obama gave a speech in a foreign country before he was president. Not conspiratorial enough. Obama seems like he might be too good for all of us. Been done. It's a giant experiment.

Meanwhile their candidate has an aid telling Americans to stop imagining their financial woes, confusing fairly important facts in his area of expertise, claiming that the economy is not his strong suit, and running ads blaming Obama for high gas.

I suppose I'd be looking pretty hard for something too.


CJ said...

It's funny to watch the rightwing try so desperately to get traction with some sort of anti-Obama message. I'm enjoying it, cautiously, figuring out that if they sink low enough they'll come up with something that works.

Brian Barker said...

Perhaps Obama has a point about language learning?

The United Kingdom teaches French in schools, whereas in Australia the teaching of Japanese is in the ascendancy. The United States seems to prefer Spanish!

The growth of the importance of Mandarin Chinese also upsets the equation.

I beleive that it is now time to seriously look at Esperanto, and how it can play its part as the new global language.

Interestingly nine British MP's have nominated Esperanto for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008.

You can see detail on


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