Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Bizzaro World Media

Dan Froomkin has a piece in the Washington Post about how Bush's bubble endures, even as his tenure winds down. Froomkin focuses on Bush's uncanny ability to look ever upward at the blue sky and call it orange.

But I care more about the part of the story that features the sycophants always in the room to cover the proceedings. Bush we are about to send packing. They unfortunately, will still be around. Here is Froomkin quoting what some had to say about the meeting with Bush:

Kudlow concludes: "I would say as someone who has been privileged to attend these gatherings in the past, not only did the president show the inner strength he always has, but when he does reflect on the tumultuous events of his tenure, he is completely at peace with himself and his decisions."

Jonah Goldberg writes in his Los Angeles Times opinion column: "The session, maddeningly and often foolishly punctuated by long, off-the-record musings and soliloquies, mostly dealt with foreign policy. . . .

"Dressed in a pale blue suit with a crisp blue tie, the president seemed to be in high spirits as he discussed developments in North Korea and other diplomatic initiatives, crushing my hopes for a poignant 'Bush in winter' column."
Would President Obama get similar favorable treatment? Of course not, which raises the equally disturbing question of how people so willingly blind to Bush's inadequacies will behave when someone they are predisposed to dislike enters office.

I fear an Obama victory will mean four years of unhinged, unfounded diatribes unlike any we have seen before. That will be welcome respite from this ridiculousness.

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