Monday, July 28, 2008

Government by People Who Hate Government (Part 23,472)

No shock, of course, that the official report has now confirmed that Justice Department officials were using political criteria for hiring. What is great, however, is to read a better summary of exactly how they did it.

Ms. Goodling interviewed the woman herself for possible positions and wrote in her notes such phrases as “pro-God in public life,” and “pro-marriage, anti-civil union.” She was eventually hired as a career prosecutor.

Ms. Goodling also conducted extensive searches on the Internet to glean the political or ideological leanings of candidates for career positions, the report found. She and other Justice Department supervisors would look for key phrases like “abortion,” “homosexual,” “guns,” or “Florida re-count” to get information on a candidate’s political leanings.
A fun game would be to come up with other search phrases for the supervisors to use. The first one to come to mind for me is "loose morals."

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