Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Nuge

Ted Nugent is a moron. The Star's Back to Rockville blog posts a recent interview with him in anticipation of his appearance in KC.

Rock stars suck. I have never been a rock star. I happen to be a very hard working bow-hunter American who puts his heart and soul into creating moving R&B music with the world’s greatest musicians that care only about the music. Without question my music is tighter, more powerful, sexier and intense today than it or any music has ever been.
He goes on to make some enlightened claims about U.S. foreign policy and comment on his general political philosophy. All of it is just fantastic.

One of the commenters points out that he was a draft dodger. I would be curious if this is true. Anybody know? It almost makes him too perfect a caricature if it's true. He might be too perfect a caricature anyway.

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