Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Voters Don't Like Polarization, Except When They Do

Polls constantly show that voters dislike polarization. They often say they want their officials to work together to try and solve problems. Yet if the early returns are any indication, voters in this election cycle plan to intensify the polarization exponentially.

One of the most consistently conservative guys in the Senate, Bob Bennett, has just lost his seat in Utah for not being conservative enough. Meanwhile, Arlen Specter looks like he is in serious trouble in his Pennsylvania primary with the more liberal Joe Sestak tied or slightly ahead of him in most polls.

There really is more to this subject that I care to work through my entire lunch to blog about, but I do think it is important. I know a "throw the bums out" sentiment is running very high all over the country. And I would definitely say that just about every member of the House and Senate has earned whatever scorn they recieve.

On the other hand, I'm not sure throwing the bums out is the right thing to do if the alternative is to replace them with new bums who hate one another twice as much as the old bums.

So a question for all of you...

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