Monday, May 24, 2010

Kansas City and Lebron

I live in Kansas City. I therefore know what it means to be perennially downtrodden about my sports teams. Cleveland is a lot like Kansas City. Actually, they might be in worse shape because they've got a lot more important problems than their sports franchises.

That is why I am rooting for Lebron to stay in Cleveland. I can empathize with Cleveland fans. Lebron is essentially the entirety of what is good about being a Cleveland fan. I would hate for them to lose that.

When I thought about this post, I wanted to find a comparison for Kansas City. You know like what if Kansas City lost Zach Greinke, or what if Kansas City lost... well whoever you can think of from the Chiefs. And then it occurred to me that is really the problem with Kansas City sports in what amounts to most of my life.

We have never had a guy you can't lose. Ever that I can remember. George Brett I suppose was that guy, but if you made a list of All-Time Can't Lose Guys he probably wouldn't be in the top 50, maybe even top 100. I can't even begin to imagine which Chief would be the can't lose guy of the last 30 years.

So I think until we get our Albert Pujols or our Peyton Manning, we're going to have to resign ourselves to a ceiling of a good year every now and again. And that is really hoping for a lot around here these days.

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