Friday, May 21, 2010

Harder in the Movies

I love heist movies. It's always interesting to see the cat and mouse game, the planning, and the reveal of how they did (or did not) get away with whatever the caper happens to be. But one thing that is almost always true is that it is incredibly difficult to pull off a huge score.

Well, I guess in real life that may not be the case.

A lone thief broke into a Paris museum last night and stole five paintings possibly worth hundreds of millions of euros, including masterpieces by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, French police said today...

... The burglary was discovered just before 7am. A single masked intruder was caught on a CCTV camera taking the paintings away, according to the prosecutor's office. A window had been broken and the padlock of a grille giving access to the museum was smashed. The paintings appeared to have been carefully removed from their frames, rather than sliced out.
Broke a window? Smashed a padlock? Took the time to carefully remove the paintings?

Where is the laser grid? The floor sensors? Heat sensors? Just alarms on the paintings on the wall? Or at least a glass break on the windows? My God, my house is more secure than that. Maybe they should store the rest of the great works of art there until they upgrade.

Until then, Thomas Crown can just think about how much of a waste it was to set up that diversion with the fake robbery team.

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