Friday, September 5, 2008

Not Enough Time Today

But there are a few things I have to mention briefly:

I thought McCain's speech was actually not too bad if viewed out of the context of the rest of the convention. He isn't a great speaker, but he seriously toned down the war against liberals raging basically up to that point at the convention.

If you watched it in context of the rest of the convention, however, it seemed weird. So you want to reach across the aisle, by leading a group of people who have proven for three days that they are hell bent on the destruction of those across the aisle? How does that sell?


Maybe John McCain really is uncomfortable running his campaign the way he has been. It seemed to me that every time he told an obvious untruth or really went after Obama his face sort of contorted in a half smile, half wince. So his character may not be enough that he is unwilling to do those things, but it is at least enough that he knows its wrong.


In no way related to the previous topics, the Oklahoma City team has named itself the Thunder. I mentioned previously, what a lame choice this would be. Now I must say what a lame choice it is. I still plan on going to OKC to watch some games, but I am not thrilled by the prospect of having to hear Garth Brooks sing "Thunder Rolls" during the game. On the plus side, they'll probably also use AC/DC's "Thunderstruck." It will be like you're at the RNC.


Kess said...

You're right, Jim. The tone of McCain's speech was way off from what I heard from Rudy and Sarah during the convo.

I like all the talk of reaching across the aisle, but none of the solutions he talked about seemed like they'd appeal to a Democrat ("choice" in schooling, for instance).

This is what bothers me about the "Maverick" John McCain label. He really did vote with Bush 90 percent of the time and came back to the right on issues like offshore drilling, torture, wiretapping, allowing abortion in the case of rape or incest, etc. This is what a maverick looks like?

Best moment of the night came a few beats after McCain instructed us to "teach an illiterate adult to read." The camera on CSPAN panned across the crowd and came to rest on a dude holding a sign declaring McCain to be a "Mavrick".

Jim said...

I saw the "Mavrick" sign. That was awesome!

bigsmithdude said...

i also saw the "mavrick" sign and thought that looked a bit off. i also think that two "mavricks" might be one (or two) too many. someone needs a thesaurus.

i fully expected to hear a lot of talk about "the typical democrat behavior" concerning the two protestors during the RNC but did not. did anyone else?


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