Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Different Planets

Die hard conservatives live on one planet, and the rest of us live on another. From Rich Lowry's column on the NRO:

Since 2000, John McCain had thrived on his irrepressible chattiness with the press, talking about anything reporters wanted for as long as they would listen. The press loved the access and avoided “gotcha” coverage, letting McCain explain any seeming gaffes. The arrangement worked beautifully for both sides — until McCain became the Republican presidential nominee.

Suddenly, he wasn’t afforded the same old courtesy from reporters, and he had to go about the grim business of driving a daily message. With the end of the running bull sessions, a trial separation began with the press that became a divorce that became a feud.

Whatever affection they still have for McCain is now expressed in self-interested yearning: Where is the McCain of old, the one who could be reliably counted on to lose?
On planet Conservatron, it was the press who didn't afford the same courtesy to McCain, the candidate was forced to promote suspect daily messages, and the whole thing is because McCain refuses to run a losing campaign by telling the truth.

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Brian Rules the World said...

Damn mainstream media with their liberal bias...

Trying to make "lies" an issue...


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