Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And Then It Happened

No way the American public is duped into changing their minds because he adds a woman who shoots moose, I thought.

No way American women in particular don't see through the pandering and walk away insulted, I thought.

No way the American public ignores the facts that she played the lobbyist game while claiming she didn't, I thought.

No way the American public lets him get away with not talking about economic policies that address the average worker, I thought.

No way the American public sees a convention devoted to a war story and personal attacks and changes their minds, I thought.

No way, no way, no way. And then they did.

Latest average of national polls on Pollster.com: McCain 46.4, Obama 46.3

American public, I am disappointed in you.


bigsmithdude said...

that is quite disheartening, but not at all surprising.

AKCB said...

"Nobody ever went broke..." and all that. Barack Obama has been saying "the American people aren't stupid" a lot lately. I think the last 8 years put the lie to that statement and this just confirms it. For someone who's mocked and berated Obama as a celebrity, America's favorite animated corpse sure is grinning in the spotlight this week.

Evil St. Louisan said...

Pearl Jam's "Better Man" seems to be the perfect song for the American public right now...


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