Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bottom?

Perhaps today is the day. I hope today is the day. I hope today marks the nadir of Kansas City professional sports. There is no way to be sure, but when the Royals never threaten in their final home game of the season (in route to a 3-0 loss) and the Chiefs lose to another suspect NFL team 38-14 to start 0-3, you have to think maybe there is no where from here but up.

One thing that doesn't encourage me is being at Kauffman Stadium today. It is possible that the construction is causing some problems, but the Royals ran the concession operation today like they were running a roadside food stand out of a trailer. Every concession stand I made it to today was out of something, and the people in front of me were complaining about the same experience. Maybe I just don't know the facts, but it sure seemed like the Royals were sacrificing the fan experience (of the fans loyal enough to come see this bunch lose their 86th game of the year) to keep from having much inventory left at the end of the season. That does not give one much hope for the future of the franchise.

On the plus side, I finished my first fantasy baseball season ever by winning my league championship today. This proves the fantasy rule that whoever knows the least about what they are doing has an automatic advantage. If only that rule extended to real sports management.


Kess said...

Don't forget, Jim, the Wizards shut out TFC 2-0 Saturday and are in a playoff race. That's something, right?

bigsmithdude said...

it is by this same logic that i have won virtually every NCAA tourney bracket contest i have ever been apart of...


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