Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shocking Part 2

A brief list of the the kinds of statements that could get you kicked out of the candidate pool during the salad days of illegal hiring.

‘environmental justice’ and ‘social justice.’

‘have more of an impact on the judicial system.’

“to serve as part of the team charged with enforcing the world’s most comprehensive environmental laws, and with defending the crucial work of our environmental and resource management agencies.”

“It is precisely this ability to have my principles guide my work that inspires me to be a government lawyer.”

“be able to consider both the needs of my client and also what is best for my

...her statement that working for the Department would stimulate her conscience as well as her brain and allow her to work on cases that she cared about.
Clearly, these people have way too much interest in actually doing government work to have any place in this government.

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